detox program title
Supercharge your health and happiness to overcome the constant feeling of overwhelm..
Without sacrificing your time!​

I was chatting with my friend Jessica recently about how I empower Mothers to take control of their health and wellbeing by focusing on self care and that I wanted to help her.

She turned to me and said..

“Mel, that’s great but it’s not like I can just ‘check-out’ of life and spend all my time nurturing myself with yoga, organic foods, meditation and self-care. Right?!
I’ve got a whole lot of demands – children, deadlines, bills, family expectations, work……..just to name a few……. “

I have come across so many mothers who have felt exactly the same way.

So I decided to give her a way to take just 5 days to supercharge her health, energy, happiness, wellness and over come the constant feeling of overwhelm..

WITHOUT sacrificing everything she had to do.

I developed for her the Mother Glow 5 Day Detox Program.

And guess what.. she loved it!

My past clients will tell you that it is a super fun, informative program where we will dig deep and work through food intolerances that might be causing you to feel blah and way less than average, boosting energy levels, self care tools to support yourself and your wellbeing, detoxing yoga for your morning or evening plus so much more.

It’s worked for my busy friend Jessica, my past clients and it can work for you too.

The Mother Glow 5 Day Detox is a simple, actionable program you can use to start winning your burn out battle today.

You’ll start reaching those goals you’ve been aiming for, and your whole moral and outlook on life will improve.

What You Receive

You will be given tonnes of information to help you on your way to living that energised, active life you so deserve.

You will lose weight, improve your wellbeing, know exactly what to eat and when, learn tools to deal with stress and anxiety and more..

In just 5 days!!

Plus you will have the support of me and our community of women all in this together.

This is all the goodness you’ll receive:

  • Over 50 delicious, nourishing wholefood recipes
  • Client workbook
  • Daily protocol guide
  • Detox guidebook
  • Food prep and cooking tips
  • Toxin reduction tips and tools
  • Detoxing yin yoga sequence
  • Daily support in a private Facebook group
  • BONUS - Meal Planner
Total Value $597