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How many dreams have you had that have been buried deep down because there’s never time for yourself?

How many times have you tried to start a workout program or a new diet and miserably failed because you just haven’t had the time to commit to it?

Imagine if you could..
  • Change the way you think about life and yourself to feel happy, confident, motivated and full of energy.
  • Feel calm and in control each day so that you can tick off the to-do list and have more time to enjoy with your family.
  • Have 6 weeks to lean on a wellness coach to help you overcome all the obstacles that are constantly thrown your way.

If you’re sick and tired of the overwhelm, rushing around, never ending to do lists, commitments, expectations and demands from others and especially from yourself…..

Let me personally guide you For 6 Weeks In My Well-Supported Mother 1:1 Program

Because my program is a customised program to suit your needs – I would love to personally speak with you before you join. So click the button below to book a FREE call with me to discuss your health needs and create a program that suits YOU!

As a busy mum you need self-care..  WITHOUT sacrificing time with your family!

The Well-Supported Mother Program is a 6 week personally customized support program for women who are wanting to overcome the overwhelm and stress to feel alive again.

I’ve poured my passion in to developing a realistic program that you can easily follow and stick to without having to sacrifice time with your children. In fact, you will find that in only a very short time, you will feel more energized and motivated to do MORE with your children and feel happy doing it rather than resenting the time you spend cooking/cleaning/tidying up  when you know you should be exercising/meditating/practicing yoga ( you know….. doing all those things you think you should be doing)

Life is busy, I totally get that.

One of the biggest complaints I hear from my clients is that they just simply don’t have the time they need to ‘be healthy’.

But we can’t keep blaming time for our reason to not be healthy. Our health, wellness and energy levels will just continue to deplete and the worse we become the harder it is to pull ourselves out and up.

I’ve been there before.

I’m a Mother of two gorgeous kids and I know first hand the struggles of being a mum and how hard it can be to look after yourself when there’s always so many other things to do. Our health and wellbeing is always put last, because everything else that needs doing is so much more important right? We’ll I’m here to tell you that YOUR health and wellbeing is actually the most important thing.

Who Is The Program For?

The Well-Supported Mother was created to help busy mothers look after themselves in a way that suits their individual needs. The program will help you:
  • Lose weight and keep it off easily
  • Increase energy levels so you feel fabulous every day
  • Reduce stress and anxiety
  • Get a better nights sleep
  • Find more time for self care
  • Achieve good gut health so you don't feel bloated and cramped
  • Find ways to exercise that suit you and your needs
  • Let go of limiting beliefs that hold you back in life
  • Find happiness in EVERY day

The 6 Core Principles of The Well-Supported Mother are:


What Sets This Program Apart From Others?

A Program To Suit YOUR Needs

Here’s the thing, I totally understand that children get sick, unexpected events pop up, family emergencies happen and time is constantly running away from you.

That’s why The Well-Supported Mother is a 1:1 personally customized program and not a pre-written program that you just follow along with.

Throughout the 6 weeks we work together to overcome ALL of the obstacles that are constantly thrown at you, and that’s the key difference.

PLUS.. I’m here to support you and be your accountability partner throughout the whole program.

Extraordinary Support

This is NOT a pre-written, one fits all type of program.

This is a 1:1 program where you and I work closely together on the areas in your life that YOU need support with.

I’m here for you 100% to support you to commit to your self and hold you accountable so that you reach your goals and make positive changes in your life.

The key to success is having support.

I Invite you to join me in The Well-Supported Mother 1:1 Program. 

 Please click this link and book a complimentary 20 min Health Consultation with me today so we can discuss your needs and assess if The Well-Supported Mother Program is a good fit for you.

I created this program for Mothers just like you who want to feel alive again, to have more energy, to sleep better, to feel less stressed and to feel good (really good!) about the way they look and feel.

This is not a ‘one fits all’ program – this program is run one on one, via phone or skype, with your program designed to suit you and your individual needs.

Every one of us is different and this program will suit you as an individual.

No doubt you know, that food and exercise are key drivers for good health and high energy levels. But if we are stressed, if our body is in fight/flight mode constantly it is not possible to gain energy, lose weight or feel fabulous. In fact it is often not possible to even assimilate nutrients from the very best of diets.

These things are simply not important to the body when it is in its ’emergency’ state. We need to learn how to ‘be healthy’ and be in ‘rest/digest mode’ in order to thrive and feel well.

The Well-Supported Mother Program is a simple, yet proven method to help you reset the health and energy of your body. You know you deserve to live a life with more happiness, energy and vitality.

NOW is your time to change and I promise this time will be different because I’m here to support you.

Melanie Hansen